About Me
 This may be an introduction to some and a welcome review for others, but I am so excited to teach children daily.  This is my 19th year.  Whew!! Time has truly flown by quickly.  
I received my AA degree from University of Alaska Fairbanks.  My BS (interdisciplinary studies), Master's (Curriculum and Instruction) and ED. S. degree (Supervision and Administration) all come from our home town's very own- Middle Tennessee State University.  I am proud to be True Blue.  
I am a divorced mom of 3 children:  O'Brien, Kennedy and Carrington.  They keep my life full of wonder and yet offer a dose of humility when  God sees fit.  After school, I trade the teaching cap for a taxi cab for them and their after school activities.
I have several hobbies which are my stress relievers:  I painting-walls,  Pinterest is my favorite website, crafting, repurposing furniture and taking pictures.
I am a firm believer that what we say and feel about ourselves really does exude on the outside.  

My favorite restaurant:  (with kids) Cheddar's (without kids) Maggianos
My favorite color:  royal blue 
My favorite time of year:  the Fall
My favorite store:  Lowes, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and Michaels
My favorite children's book:  Jefferson's Sons ( this summer's read)